Honestly, was it only last weekend that I was running around bare foot and washing my entire summer wardrobe – which dried beautifully on the line in about 3 minutes flat?

We seriously and massively overdid it in the garden- but there was no time to lose was there? Not least as this week was the ‘brown bin’ collection, so the quicker we filled it up the better it seemed.

The dogs were as happy as the days were long as they wandered  in and out and lay in a variety of positions basking in the sun – occasionally lifting their heads idly from the lawn to double check that sausages weren’t being handed out – nope, no luck, so back to heat drenched snoozing.

So, today, they are lying at my feet as I type, back in a nice warm ‘wooly pully’ as my mum would have called it and I have a chance to sift through old pix of dogs and upload them for the blog..

Here is a tiny taste of the gallery to date….


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