So for a while now the old girl, Teasle, who is thirteen, has needed a hand to get onto the bed. Well, you could say ‘tsh tsh dogs on beds? really? outrageous…’ etc. but I have always favoured the dog on bed scenario so that’s that.

Back to the story then…. Teasle has found it challenging to get the ‘oomph’ to jump onto the bed which is a Super King size and quite high. We have accommodated this by lifting her up when needed and letting her take the time she needs to get down. I am not clear if the delay and gearing up to get down are just about stiff joints and consequential concern on her part about launching herself to the ground or if it is to do with her failing eyesight (cataracts). Anyway she devised a system of balancing on the edge of the bed and thinking carefully before launching at the ground.

We have muddled on in this way for a while now- I have played with the idea of some form of step to help – double thick dog bed mattresses or something to ease the transition up and down, but the space between the bed and wardrobe is quite limited so I couldn’t see how to do steps that wouldn’t make it highly challenging to navigate the room if you have two legs instead of four.

Meanwhile (are you still with me or have you nodded off to sleep yet?….) yoga in lockdown has been online and Zoomy and I have found the best space is between the bed and wardrobe but it has some limitations. This has meant that several days of the week find me with some collection of limbs neatly located under the bed, or under the dressing table as I work through supine twists and down dog sequences. Different type of down dog from paragraph two of course – see what I did there?

Anyway, finally the light bulb in my pin brain lit and I realised that the solution is a new bed which is smaller and lower. This would mean that Teasle can safely and easily navigate up and down on and off up and down on and off and that I can do serious stretches with legs and arms unimpeded – good- as there was a risk that some muscle groups would never get strong and movement was deeply compromised. The sheer genius plan also had the hidden delight of retail therapy in the form of new double bedding. Who would have thought that, after 16 years the feather and down duvet had actually very few useful feathers or down left and nearly all the air had escaped so it was more like a flat thin envelope with some clumps and lumps in it- not ideal in my personal view.

So, a bit of internetweb searching and bish bash bosh, new bed, new mattress, new duvet, new sheets and covers and………………

I will spare you the photo of me in a supine twist but you can take my word for it that the space is superb and all muscle groups are now in correct working order and alignment.

The icing on the cake is that one of the glorious step children has use for the old bed and bedding – so with a new mattress they are well set with a huge bed for their lovely new house… salted and hurrah 🙂

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