and here we go again – a new awning for the swinging seat :). It’s that time of year which seems like a rite of passage or is it one of the rites of spring? Anyway, it is time to get the trusty sewing machine out and make a magical new awning for the astonishing swing seat which dates from the 1920s and has served many generations with its reliable comfort and shade for hot summer days.

This year the canvas has come from the miracle of the internetweb. I usually potter over to Molesey to the Fabric Warehouse and have an enjoyable browse through all the fab bolts of material. This year I was nudged to the internet and found very quickly a fantastic supplier online who sent me what I think is one of the best fabrics we have had so far. As a bonus, because we love Kent so much, it came from Tenterden . It arrived very quickly and I this year I also ordered the waterproofing spray, so it might last longer than the others have.

Yesterday afternoon found me wrestling with great lengths and widths of material, tussling it into shape and concentrating to get the straight lines straight. After a minor false start from measuring the full extension of both the front and back pole when, in fact, you need to have the half way point of each , it is finished and delightful. Luckily completed, waterproofed and installed just moments before the snow that is threatening to fall any second now – good timing huh?

Here are some of the awnings over the years and finally, the 2021 version in the elegant blue, blue, white and red stripes 🙂

and 2021 – small fanfare of trumpets 🙂 Ps – I am told that there will be either paving slabs underneath it or shingle – any day now – or in the next few months anway..