WOW-I am now using the shed as an office -whoever would have thought that would happen?

It has been a long time in the building and the workshop bit is still a works in progress, but the office end of the shed is now fully functioning, including, of course, with two office dogs in situ- hurrah.

I will share with you that trying to set up a minimalist office (which is 6 foot by 12 foot) so that I have a lovely calm uncluttered environment with the inclusion of two dog beds large enough for older labradors who may like to spread out a bit and are not as mobile or nimble or flexible as they once were is a challenge . However, never daunted by that, we have done it!!!

and in case you were wondering – here is the desk area….

and then I realised that the old dog is clearly a suffragette – green purple and white colour scheme – must change the red colour as that is a jarring note….

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