Was I the only one who forgot that the clocks changed last weekend? I saw that the old Bose radio said the wrong time and wondered how on earth Poppy had managed that – she had been resting up in my room, following the excitement of a late night/early morning trip to AandE with her pleurisy and I thought that, in her exhaustion she had somehow managed to change the time on the clock….

Now, what was going on in my head there then? – Why not just realise immediately that the hour had changed as it has done twice a year for nearly all of my 60 years….? Nope, the thought process was that the kid must have done something to the equipment…hmmmm

Poor girl, she didn’t feel well enough to do anything other than rest and, if she had felt OK, I doubt that changing my clock would have been top of the ‘todo’ list.

Anyway the FAB news is that time to change means there are longer hours after work for the dog walk, which is the backbone of our day when we walk in the woods and things settle back into place with the pace and rhythm of the sights and sounds of trees, the brook, the birds, even the mud and the lovely dogs running, jumping, wallowing, ever seeking out the new thing that’s just over here… whatever it is and, all the time, the adventure of it all getting their tails wagging. Happy days indeed…

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