Could anything be more cute? I remember so clearly the day that Poppy took this picture.

Flyte and a Fone

Darling Flyte was about 9 weeks old and starting to settle in well with the other dogs. She was born in the Hospice to a lovely young couple and entered the world as her owner was leaving it. The cycle of birth and death was very poignant for all of us who heard the story and Flyte is a special dog for sure.

She came to the established gang of two – Teasle and Echo were very happy with each other’s company and had worked out their respective roles in the pack, so Flyte had to find out where she fitted in and what her job was. It didn’t take too long for her to realise that she was the voice of the pack and she never hesitates to bark long and loud, on behalf of the three of them. You will hardly ever hear either of the other two peep, as Flyte has everything to say for all of them… bless her

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