So, this weekend is the weekend of salvaging as many of the dog beds as I can with new covers and giving everything a good wash. Question to self: ‘will that reduce the odour de chien which greets all and sundry when we open the front door?’.

who knows…

Anyway, the morning found me hunched over my trusty sewing machine and woman handling tough fabric and wrestling it into neat (ha ha ha) covers for the very inventive beds which we made last weekend….speaking of which… that was an adventure in itself. Apparently, if you try to cut and sew feather and down single duvets which are waaaaaaaaaaaaay past their best having served a million or so stepchildren over the last 30 odd years….feathers fly. Who would have thought it? Plan B (lessons learnt) would be to do this in the garden on a good, still summer day- or maybe a Spring one when the little birdies could use the feathers to line their nests.

So, back to the sewing machine tussle…obvs I ran out of both top thread and bobbin thread during the course of the project – fair enough as I haven’t rethreaded either top or bottom for some time. I am pleased with the end result and have doubled or trebled or even in some place quadrupled the fabric on the edges and corners in the hope that whoever it is that nibbles dog beds won’t get right through to the feathers. Watch this space.

I have triumphantly put the beautiful new beds out. Hurrah I hear you cry. What a delight it is to see all three dogs………..(you thought I was going to say ‘nestled neatly on the beds didn’t you?) ….lounging around as far from the beds as they can get themselves-Brown has gone to the end of the garden, back to the house….

and I thought everyone was supposed to love it when you make something for them..

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