as the famous headline goes… glorious day with dogs lounging around in various places to cool off.

So, there is the old dog, lying next to me as I type – under a window with a delightful breeze just ruffling the curtains.

There is the brown dog, upside down and legs akimbo on the sofa near the sitting room door – spark out and then….SAMSUNG

There is the ‘baby’ who is rushing about from upstairs, to downstairs, to the gate at the bottom of the garden, to the front room window, paws on windowsill, gazing out – jumping on and very quickly off, the bed, rushing out to the garden and very quickly back in again- loads of activity. Why?

Well, it’s all quite simple really – unlike the other two who are pure bred Labradors, she is part Collie and who knows what else. This seems to mean that she has a natural herding instinct and so is trying to coral us all into the same space. Doomed to fail as it happens as the darling daughter has gone out for the day and the man of the house is on the allotments (at the end of the garden).

Until he has the good sense to down trowel and pop back for a much needed cuppa – little one will continue to flit back and forth I think.. it gets a bit better if I am weeding instead of attending to things on the computer as weeding means I am outside and so she is less torn between in and out and also weeding brings worms which are, of course, quite gorgeous…

Happy days eh?