I am not at all sure what we have been up to lately but somehow the days and weeks have slipped past 🙂 I guess it is because on the long winter days inside there is so much to do . We get swept up in domestic chores and I have been much absorbed in knitting this year – partly to keep arthritis at bay and partly from delight at creating something whilst listening to an audio book – seems much more worthwhile than hours and hours in front of a screen. It seems there is no time to blog……………


Some of our best walks lately have been without the heavy coats of winter and, whilst still in wellies, we have not been wading through sole sucking mud which makes even the shortest stroll a major muscle work out!

The dogs have a never failing enthusiasm even if it is tipping it down and beyond brisk… tugging like mad as soon as they are out of the car and shooting off like bullets when you undo their leads. Apart from the old girl of course who, after her back injury, is not allowed to ping off into the distance at a speed faster than light. So, she has to be kept on the lead until the other two have gone off like rockets and then we are supposed to let her off in a controlled manner. This , of course, works perfectly every time – especially when the middle one is keen for her to come and play NOW and therefore dances round her barking like a wild thing.me and sandwich2

Looking out of my study window, I can see the first tiny green shoots on the trees and roses and in just the last week, the forsythia has popped into complete golden bloom and there are two daffodils out and six crocuses- what my mum would have referred to as a ‘blaze of colour’ ….

So there is a sense of life stirring and cycles starting again and soon there will be days in the garden, on the allotment and on the beach.. and then time will zoom by because we are outside all day long and there will be no time to blog….

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