So, I was a bit busy with a virus around Christmas time so didn’t do any notes – and here they are..

We had a lovely Christmas – Simon did superbly in getting all the decorations done in the house and outside. We had gorgeous lights and baubles on the Christmas tree outside which we planted about a million years ago. The story there was that Poppy was little and the runup to Christmas was fraught – David wasn’t working and there wasn’t any money and there was some gloom in the house. On Christmas Eve Bruce asked me what we were doing about a tree and I said we were going to skip the tree this year. ‘Nonsense’ he said – ‘you must have a tree – jump in the car and we will get one at Marks in Tolworth’. So off we went and there was a cute little on in a pot – one of the very very last ones. It had an optimistic label on it which said ‘this tree has a rooted ball so can be planted out and will last for years’. It also had the price label on ‘£5’- reduced for a quick sale. How we laughed at the price and the prospect of years of pleasure from planting it out.

Christmas day came and went that year – with Mum, Dad and Bru coming to us for lunch and showering Pops with presents, love and attention- glorious.

When we got to 12th night, David confidently dug a hole at the front of the house and planted the tree out – complete with it’s dried out root ball.

Fast forward to this year – nearly 30 years later when the tree is taller than the house and has been decorated with lights and baubles for the last 15 years- it is now so big that you can see it in all it’s glory from the very first moment that you turn into Vale Road- ahhhh

And here are some pics of the lovely inside decorations…

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