wouldn’t that be lovely?

As we sit here, in retreat, which some call quarantine or isolation, it’s good to remember the carefree days on the beach with the dogs. Times when the days were long and sun filled and the sound of the waves gently breaking on the sand lifted our hearts.

The thing that I have noticed though is that, so far as the dogs are concerned, today is really still one of those days. They seem unfazed by the current situation – if anything, it has brought some measure of delight as we are all at home together, which is one of their favourite things. In fact, for the youngest one who has some Collie in her, it is a huge relief to have us all herded together- days when we are in and out and one of us is absent for one reason or another are quite challenging for her as it goes against all her instincts to have anyone out of site or at a distance.

Funny old world eh?

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