So there I was, minding my own business and about to reach for the knitting (teaching myself fairisle..hmmmm) and, from out of left field and the periphery of my vision, a brown dog launched itself at me. How delightful. From the picture below you can see exactly how delightful it was….

The good news is that she was very comfortable – looking regal and dignified in my humble opionion. The , slightly, less good news is that I was not so much comfortable as uncomfortable. She is not a fat dog, but is immensely well muscled and incredibly strong. Our lovely yoga teacher encourages us to place our feet firmly and carefully when we are doing our standing poses and to feel the powerful connection with the ground. I would humbly submit that Echo (Star Anise Fagara for her full name) did exactly that . Her feet were carefully placed on my thighs, with her strength forming a strong link between the paws and the surface on which they found themselves. She was definitely stable and secure.

Downward dog was the next move……hahahahaha…

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