After quite a few months of building works and moving this to there and that to here, we are starting to get things settled and to find our new arrangements for the shed and plants taking shape.

Hurray for a bank holiday weekend and a chance to work on some plants in pots and new perennials for the wider border on the left as you go down plus the new spot for the table and also the swinging seat.

Obviously the most important part of all of this is that the snoozing places for dogs work out well and a close second most important element is that birds can find their food – not forgetting of course, the vital thing that Frank the Frog is fine and Fenella the field mouse has a good supply of dropped bird food… but not enough to encourage Roderick Rat to take up residence again.

So, that all seems in order then and here are some of the shots of garden easing back to loveliness…

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