So at last the time came for me to have my long awaited hair cut and see if I could become ‘me’ again 🙂

It was near to 18 months since my last cut and I usually go for a trim every 6-8 weeks, so there was plenty of cutting to do. this pic is of me a few weeks ago – silvery windswept locks…..

I sat down and the wonderful stylist said to me -‘ you know if we just cut it a bit shorter than we had planned, you could donate your hair to a charity that makes wigs for women going through chemo…’

Guess what happened next?

YUP you gottit – we went for the shorter style and I have posted the pony tail (8 inches of it) off to the charity- how lovely is that?

I have such strong memories of the morning I woke up after my first chemo dose in 1993 to find clumps of hair on the pillow hmmmm…good to know I might have, just might have, helped another woman who is having that waking up moment just now….

So here it is – with the mirrors stretching out to the ‘crack of doom’ as Macbeth put it…

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